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Welcome at!

We are a small team of "Internet Professionals" with emphasis on security and reside in Hannover, Germany. With over ten years of experience we offer cost-efficient and highly reliable solutions for email, firewalling, VPN and virus protection, as well as all types of Internet hosting.

Unfortunately - until now - you will have to be able to understand the German language to have more fun here than just using the Link Pages.

If you need our help, just call us: +49-511-9357780. In urgent cases you achieve me personally under my mobile number: +49-178-8412345. Please be patient, as our (well) English speaking professional is not available all the time...

If you urgently think you are "hacked" - just pull the Internet connection cable and call for help - but do not switch the power off.

Thanks for your visit and your interest!

Andreas Mollat (Hannover, March 2002)

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